5 Ways Live Streaming Can Help Your Business

5 Ways Live Streaming Can Help Your Business
By Ron Bosse

By 2019, approximately 70% of all content viewed on mobile devices will be video. Live video streaming is expected to account for a considerable amount of this 70% as people continue to demand up to the minute content. A live stream can be viewed on your website, on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, and video sharing sites like YouTube which gives your business enormous potential exposure to people all over the world.

Here are 5 ways live streaming can help your business:

1. Internal Communication

All businesses have important internal communications that are vital to its success. Live streaming these communications is a great way to keep your team abreast of all the latest happenings. Whether it’s a CEO quarterly address to investors, a briefing from upper management to staff, or a president’s message to employees, delivering your communications via a live stream is a powerful and direct way of getting your message across effectively.

2. Events

If your business hosts an annual event, or if your company is in the business of producing events that people pay for, a live stream can increase its exposure and keep people connected. If you’re concerned about people not attending the event due to their ability to view it via a live stream, it’s possible to charge viewers for access to the live stream.

3. Seminars

Many businesses conduct regular seminars aimed at educating current clients and new prospects about their products and services. Often times, people are unable to attend your seminar due to scheduling conflicts or geographical restrictions. Live streaming your seminar is a great way to increase attendance and extend your overall reach. Your live stream can include key note addresses, PowerPoint presentations, graphics, and other video content so that viewers can get the entire experience as if they were there in person.

4. Product Demos

If you’re rolling out a new product, a live stream is a great tool to add to your overall marketing campaign. Live streaming is not nearly as costly as traditional TV advertising, and since it’s delivered via the internet, its reach is virtually unlimited. Enabling your live stream to include real-time comments on social media, is a great way to engage directly with your audience.

5. Training

If your business has certain procedures and guidelines that employees need to follow, you may want to consider a live stream for the purpose of training. Your live stream can be embedded on your website via a password protected page so that only your employees have access to it. Whether it’s at your place of business, or in our state-of-the-art production studio, Bosse Studios has the ability to live stream all of your business needs so that you can extend your influence, and reach more of the people who matter the most.

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